Massage Therapy

Our range of massages is designed to relieve muscle tension, help with injuries and induce powerful relaxation. Some are dry massages; others use pre-blended oils.

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  • COMO Shambhala Massage

    Our renowned signature treatment, gentle and soothing with comforting massage strokes and wave-like body-rocking motions. The perfect treatment for unwinding after a hard day or for helping relieve jet-lag, it instills a profound sense of peace.

    75 minutes US$120
    90 minutes US$145

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    A restorative massage that aids in releasing tension, removing toxins, relaxing, soothing and thereby encouraging muscles to operate at full capacity.

    75 minutes US$120
    90 minutes US$145

  • Hot River Stone Massage

    Using stones carefully selected from the Estate’s river, this treatment is wonderfully warming for the body. The warm stones soothe knots in the muscles, working with dynamic stretches.

    90 minutes US$160

  • Indian Head Massage

    An excellent treatment for reducing tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas that manifests as a result of stress. This treatment also incorporates a gentle facial massage.

    75 minutes US$120
    90 minutes US$145

  • Indonesian Massage

    A wonderful introduction to traditional Indonesian therapy, this massage incorporates rolling and kneading strokes to rejuvenate the body. Provides a good therapeutic workout whilst also invoking deep relaxation.

    75 minutes US$120
    90 minutes US$145

  • Taksu Massage

    Taksu means the magical transference of energy between two people that connect. Locally-developed, it is a strong and invigorating massage that increases blood circulation and helps to relieve tight muscles and headaches. This treatment is a fantastic antidote to deeply-held patterns of stress.

    75 minutes US$120
    90 minutes US$145

  • Thai Massage

    By applying pressure along the meridians, this treatment unblocks trapped energy and improves vitality. Often referred to as passive yoga, it stretches joints and balances all the major muscle groups of the body.

    75 minutes US$120
    90 minutes US$145

  • Reflexology

    Reflexology recognises that feet have points which correspond to the organs and functions of the body; when stimulated, they can rectify imbalances, helping the body to repair itself. The technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflex points is ideal after a day of trekking or activities.

    60 minutes US$95

  • Pre-natal Massage

    This pre-natal treatment accommodates all stages of pregnancy after the first trimester, with pregnancy support pillows used to ensure total comfort.

    The therapy begins with a floral footbath followed by a full body massage and concludes with a relaxing facial massage.

    75 minutes US$120

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